Binge Browser is a tool that makes it easier to browse the archives of almost any website. It gives you a ton of features, like hotkeys and a random button, that help you browse faster. Try it with The Onion, XKCD ,or Wikipedia.


The Binge Browser navigation bar provides a number of features. Skip ahead or backward in the archive at intervals of your choosing. Go to random pages. Use the hotkeys to navigate without touching a mouse. Some websites let you cycle through random titles until you find one you like (example here).

Supported Websites

Not all websites are on Binge Browser. To make a website available on Binge Browser it has to be manually added beforehand by an administrator. This process takes roughly 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the website. However, it could take more than a day for your request to be processed.

If there is a website you want added to Binge Browser, request it here

How It Works

Binge Browser works by crawling a website and storing the URL's for each page. When a user navigates with Binge Browser it loads URL's in a frame just below the navigation bar. This means that users are always browsing the original site. See our pledge to creators for more information on this.

Mobile Support

Binge Browser should work on your tablet or phone. However, due to features like hotkeys, it is best experienced on a PC. We plan on developing a more mobile friendly interface in the future.