Binge Browser Means Better Stats

When people can browse faster they see more pages. When it is easier to go back in the archives they come back more often for "new" (unseen) content. This means more visits, more pageviews, and most importantly, increased reader satisfaction.

Don't take our word for it. Try Binge Browser for a month, and we are confident your viewership statistics will increase.

Serious About Copyright

At Binge Browser we do not steal content or mis-attribute sources. All users browse YOUR website. See our Pledge to Creators for more information.

Absolutely Free

Binge Browser is 100% free, and requires no personal information (besides email). Have your site de-listed whenever you want.

Getting Your Website Added

To get your website added fill out the website submission form. We will add your website and send you a link to the browser page.

Link Back

We ask that you post a link to your website's Binge Browser page. Without the link, your readers will not know they can "binge", and you will probably not see a bump in stats. Consider using one of the Binge Browser buttons below.

Binge Browser Buttons

Feel free to use these buttons to point users to your Binge Browser page. So long as the 'B' letter is retained you are free to modify any way you see fit. If you need help configuring it or would like a custom version of a button contact us and we can help you out.

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