Found 10 Websites Tagged With art

Humans of New York
A popular tumblr featuring pictures of people from New York along with a brief discussion with them.

Newspaper Blackout
A popular tumblr that collects poetry created by blacking out newspaper articles.

Wikipedia Featured Articles
A collection of the "featured" articles on Wikipedia, or those deemed by editors to be "...the best articles Wikipedia has to offer."

Buttercup Festival
A whimsical comic that forgoes typical punchlines for more poetic, non-sequitur style endings.

Wikipedia Most Viewed 2013
The 100 most viewed English Wikipedia pages of 2013

Interesting Wikipedia Articles
An independent collection of approximately 600 of the most interesting articles on Wikipedia.

Google Poetics
A Tumblr featuring poems created from lists of suggested Google search terms

A Tumblr that posts old documents, inspirational messages, and interesting pictures.

Emojinal Art Gallery
A popular tumblr featuring emoji (smiley faces) inserted into classic paintings

Hyper Allergic
A popular tumblr that features updates and discussion of the art world.